Відкритий урок з англійської мови у 6 класі за темою «Діалог. Що ти знаєш?»

Учитель Крутько В.К.

Topic “Діалог. Що ти знаєш?”

Aims: 1. To develop speaking skills.

  1. To practice group work and pair work.
  2. To develop grammar skills.
  3. To learn about culture of different countries.



Warming up. Classify the clothes: smart/casual

jeans, skirt, suit, blouse, trainers, belt, jacket, shoes, socks, tie, dress, shirt, sunglasses, earrings, T-shirt.

Main part

In groups look at the list from an old magazine. Make a list of what is in (fashion) now and what is out



Long hair

Flared jeans


Big earrings

Soul music


Short hair

Leather jacket

Long dresses


Blues music

Dark colors


Reading. In groups read about Claudia Shiffer, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and other celebrities. Describe what you have found about them.

Listening. Listen to the dialogue, read and translate.

Grammar. Revise how is formed and used Present Simple, Present Continuous.

Grammar practice. Translate sentences.

Questionnaire “How Fashion-conscious are you?”

6.1 Do you ever read fashion magazines?
A sometimes B often C never
6.2 Do you enjoy shopping for clothes?
A Yes, a lot B No, I hate it C I quite like it
6.3 Do you think designer labels are important?
A yes B no  
6.4 How important is it for you to wear fashionable clothes?
A very important B not at all important C only for special occasions
6.5 Do you know what the fashionable colours are this year?
A Yes, I do B I think so C No, I don’t
6.6 Would you wear a ring through you nose?
A Yes, I would B No, I wouldn’t C Maybe


Group work. Students should make their ideal fashion person.